Adapting to the New Library

So it wouldn’t be a great idea for me to throw myself in the deep end and go to the library on my own just after one visit with Glen, I need to test the water, keep going with Glen until my anxiety levels are zero. My CBT therapist said this was a good idea, but each time I now go to the library with Glen I should try and change something about the situation, do something a little different, push myself out of my comfort zone, get use to different situations.

So I walked to the Library but instead of clinging to Glen’s arm I made a point of walking alone, he was close but I was supporting myself. When I entered the Gateway building where the Library is, I felt a little bit shaky but was focused on my task ahead. As we was going up the stairs to the Library I felt the need to hold on to the railings for support… my legs just didn’t feel quite strong enough.

I arrived in the library and felt proud of what I had achieved so far, it was a great boost just getting there without the need for Glen’s arm. After about 20 minutes my anxiety levels had completely dropped and I felt comfortable just browsing the shelves. Glen stayed quite close, but sat in the reading area and left me to it. It felt great! It was a little step but it was incredible.


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