Dream a Little Dream

I went to a wedding show today…

I know! I forgot I was engaged too!

Three years now. God knows when we’ll be able to afford it. We was aiming for 2016 but with money at the moment and my housebound retardedness, one can only dream.

So I did.

I allowed myself the pleasure of being a bride-to-be at the wedding show.

I wandered, picked up some business cards, dreamed, wandered, looked at some dresses, dreamed, wandered, dreamed, wandered, dreamed, wandered, dreamed…

You see the pattern occurring right?

It really was quite nice though. It was like pretending I was someone else for the day.

Being Someone Else

Not going to lie though, I couldn’t totally pretend to be someone else.

The anxiety was still there.

But I must say, for me, I coped pretty well.

It was a large environment, noisy and packed full of women but my dreaming kept me distracted and allowed me to overcome the overwhelming need to flee.

Dreaming… Who would have thought!? A safety behaviour to help prevent panic attacks.


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