Nonexistent Savings

We’re moving on the 4th December!

Soon I know!

Don’t worry we’re not being evicted or anything, it’s a decision we’ve been pondering on for sometime.

See, we currently rent a little house, we get some help from the council towards the rent but at the end of every month we don’t have any money left to save… And considering we’re engaged trying to save for a wedding and also a mortgage we’re not getting very far!

Nonexistent Savings

My sister is leaving my Mum’s so there is now a spare room at the family home, which presents us with the opportunity to save… So we’re going for it!

It’s going to be different because we’re so use to having our own space but what’s a few years of shared space when your gaining the chance to save for your future?

I’ll admit it’s not great timing with Christmas just around the corner and I’m sure I’m going to be super stressed but I’ll just have to take each day as it comes.


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