Territorial Instincts

It’s harder then I thought.

Moving back home and sharing a house with my Mum is proving testing to say the least.

But I need to keep our future goal in mind.

As I said in ‘Nonexistent Savings’… What’s a few years of shared space when your gaining the chance to save for your future?

I’m not having a dig at my Mum but me and Glen are just so use to having our own space that we’re finding it hard to adjust.

We didn’t realise how much privacy we would loose and how restricted we would feel.

We’ve now turned the other spare room into our study so we can use it as our own front room… Because watching all the soaps is really not our thing!

But it’s not helped a great deal.

There are just certain things.

For example:

  • Not being able to come home without being asked a million questions about what you’ve done that day… All we want to do is come home, sit down and relax.
  • Not being able to cook a meal without being asked what your cooking and if there is any going spare… All we want to do is eat a meal together as a couple.
  • Not being able to get as drunk as you usually would as your always being judged, from the first glass to the last… All we want to do is drink wine guilt free.
  • Not being able to watch anything without being interrupted… All we want to do is watch something all the way through without having to press pause.
  • Not being able to walk around the house naked or have noisy sex as your never alone anymore… All we want to do is… It’s pretty self explanatory!

And that’s just in the evenings…

I’m agoraphobic, so I spend 99.9% of my time at home, meaning whilst Glen is at work during the day, I also get asked every half hour if I’m ‘okay’.

It’s driving me slightly mad.

I’m so use to just having my own company, pottering around, cleaning and writing all day that I’m becoming easily irritated. I just want to be left alone, to go back to my little daily routine without being interrupted all the time.

Maybe I’ll slowly adjust to the company? As I said before life is about compromising.

I feel territorial over the space we do have though, and I find myself becoming petulant whenever it is “invaded”.

Like a wolf’s automatic instincts to protect it’s territory, I snap my replies and bark my responses. This is my territory, get out!

…Hopefully I’ll start to deal with it better.

Territorial Instincts


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