The Start of Something

Remember how I told you back in September that I had enrolled as a student?

‘So… I’ve quit my volunteer position and also become a student!’

Well, I’ve officially begun the course now!

So it’s 100% official!

I’ve got an NUS card and everything!

The Start of Something

It’s not like a serious course, like Open University or anything, it’s only a diploma certificate and there is no set time limit for me to complete the course in but it gives me something positive to focus on and in a way it makes me feel like I’m starting to do something with my life.

A small purpose but a purpose nonetheless.

It’s called “Story Writing for Children” or what I like to call (to sound more sophisticated) Children’s Literature.

I’m learning a lot! You would think writing a kids story would be simple, but there’s a lot more to it.

It truly makes you appreciate your favourite authors more, you start to understand just how much time, effort and love they have put into every single story, into every single word in fact!

It’s quite complexed and I feel a little overwhelmed at times by it, but I hope that if I keep studying and learning, I’ll be able to grasp the skill of literacy better.

Then hopefully I can work towards becoming an author…

So, watch this space.


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