An Inspirational Man

Good news people!

Noooooo, we didn’t win the lottery!

But our lives have slightly ‘unpaused’… Glen’s got a new job! Yippee!

For the last three years he has worked as a retail assistant but it’s never really suited him. It always left him deflated and unsatisfied at the end of the day.

It was just a job and never really going to lead anywhere.

So last week when he got offered the opportunity to become a Trainee Electrician on a self employed basis, he jumped at it!

Well, we both did really.

It’s a chance for him to start a career, a job where he can actually develop and progress.

He’s always been very hands on, and I have always thought a career as an electrical engineer would suit him but with his choices throughout school and college he was just never able to go down that route.

So this opportunity is truly amazing.

It does suck that it’s a self employed role but you just have to take these things as they come. The hours are a lot longer too, he’s literally going from part time hours up to twelve hour days, and the pays not that great given the hours he works etc. but it’s a start.

Compromise is key remember!

He starts this Monday and I’m a little anxious about it all. It’s a huge change for both of us but I am so proud of him.

It doesn’t matter what is thrown at him, he’ll always give it a go and do his best.

He is an inspirational man and I am lucky to have him.

My hero: Glen.

An Inspirational Man


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