Nightmares and Nightwalks

I knew it would happen but I was hoping otherwise.

Counselling has done what I feared and dredged up all that old childhood crap!

I know it was bad. I know my issues orientate from it.

I know!
I know!

Why can’t we focus on the present?
Why must we start right back at the beginning?
Can’t we just skip that bit? No. Oh. Okay. Damn it!

So, I’m having to relive it all again. Honest to God it’s like dealing with bloody benefits paperwork! Why can’t they just keep it all on file instead of making me re-explain everything, over and over again!? It really would make life more easier and less traumatic!

I mean I’ve started having nightmares again! I wake up screaming and sweating, totally confused, blabbering nonsense about monsters and creatures! I’m 23 for goodness sake! I shouldn’t be having childlike nightmares!

And then the other day I was sleep walking! Glen woke up to find me pacing at the bottom of the bed, and then when he tried to get me back into bed I started trembling, screeching about a giant green poisonous spider waiting to drop from the ceiling to kill me! Eventually he got me back into bed but when I woke the next morning I had no recollection of doing this!

That’s terrifying! I’ve never sleep walked! It’s got to be related to the counselling right?

Either way I hope things improve soon!

I don’t want to be scared of going to bed!

Nightmares and Nightwalks


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