A Day For The Diary…

“Focus on something positive.” Quote counselling lady.

So, during the weekend me and Glen went to view some wedding venues!

Very positive indeed!

It was actually really lovely.

It was nice to feel like a bride and groom to be; to have people fussing over us, wanting to know what we wanted, how we wanted it and what we wanted our wedding to be like.

It made it sink in more too… The fact we’re engaged to be married… I mean when you’ve been engaged for three years, you kind of forget!

It made it feel more real…

And well, it’s certainly not a dream anymore. Within a one hour viewing slot it has all become very realistic indeed… WE BOOKED A VENUE!!

Total madness I know!

We both just fell in love with the place… And for us to both love something (and agree on something) we just had to book it.

I suppose it’s a sure way to motivate us to save now!

We’ve paid the deposit and then the final payment will be six weeks before our wedding day.

Our wedding day! Eeek!

We’re getting married on the 30th April 2016. Three days after our ten year anniversary together!

I’m really anxious about it all, especially the money side of things but we’ll work something out some how.

I’ll buy my wedding dress from a bargain bin if I have to!

As long as I get to finally say my vows to the man I love and become his wife, nothing else really matters.

Bargain Bin Wedding Dress


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