The End is Nigh

I have one counselling session left and I feel fine about it!

Every time I’ve had a form of therapy before, when it gets near to the end of it, I have this overwhelming feeling of loss and desertedness.

But I don’t this time, so that’s got to be progress right!?

I don’t exactly see eye-to-eye with this counsellor though, which could explain why I’m not really that bothered!

I mean, at one point she told me I was a vicious person! … Now, I know I can be horrible when I want to be but vicious? Na.

So I’m kinda glad it’s ending.

Don’t get me wrong I feel like I’m in a much better place then I was, and some of her advice really has been invaluable to me, but it was always sort of 50/50 with her.

So, I’m departing with the advice I think is useful and dismissing the things she said that I think were hurtful. (Hurtful you ask? Yes, that’s the right word… She was quite blunt in her approach, let’s just say that).

I feel like I can cope a little better and make some progress.

I still feel confused by some things, but I don’t feel totally plagued like I did.

It’s not constant anymore, there is some little breaks and patches of sunshine within my mind and thoughts.

Crossroads (Part 2)


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