Okay so I think counselling did help me more then I let on.

I feel like my attitude has changed, becoming more optimistic instead of pessimistic.

I realised that because I was staying up late, Glen going to bed at 9pm and me around 1am, that I was feeling lonely and finding comfort by over eating and consuming alcohol. Then because I would sleep late the next day I would feel useless and as though I had achieved nothing.

It was becoming a bit of a vicious cycle really, just wallowing in my own self pity feeding the depression.

So, I’ve been making some positive changes to my life style…

I am controlling my diet better which makes me feel healthier.
I go to bed at the same time as Glen which helps with the loneliness.
I get up around 7am which makes me feel more productive.
I read a lot more which helps with my studies.
I plan out my days which makes me feel like I have a purpose.
I try to walk the dog twice a week which helps challenge my agoraphobia.

It really has helped immensely!

My mood has improved so much, it’s taken away a piece of the depression.

It really is a welcome change.

I don’t feel so ruled by my own head anymore… I feel a little more in control of my own life.

It’s hard sometimes to stay motivated and keep to my improved routine, but I’m just taking it day by day and trying my best.



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