Christmas Turkey

I’m anxious.


Because something positive has happened and I will surely pay for it later.

What is it?

I’ve lost weight!

Eight pounds to be precise.

The changes to my diet and routine have had a positive impact not only on my mind but now also on my body too.

But I’m scared to be happy about it!

As soon as something good happens, often something bad usually does…

So, if I pretend I’m oblivious to the fact that I’ve lost weight, hopefully it won’t have a ‘karma comes around’ affect.

But, I can’t deny how truly happy I am about it!

I’ve constantly been putting on weight at a steady pace for years now and I’ve been feeling very down about it lately, so to lose a little bit makes me feel overjoyed.

I hope I can continue to lose more.

I need to really! I’m no feather duck that’s for sure, I’m more of a Christmas turkey!

More Turkey Then Duck


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