A Routine January

January. The most hated month.

Something, as an adult, I have come to learn to be true.

It is hated and it is hated for good reason!

All this month brings is the sharp downhill plummet in ‘joy’ after the celebrations of Christmas, the debt demands after spending too much on gifts for people you don’t even really like and the pressure to loose weight after indulging in way too many mince pies and glasses of Baileys!

For me I also find it hard getting back into the swing of things.

Routine seems to go out the window for about two weeks: All is lost to family visits, drunken nights and the forever cooking of stuffed birds!

I feel lost and anxious without routine, it keeps me in balance and gives cause to my daily life. So obviously I’m glad when January starts and routine can begin again, but it’s really not that simple.

I mean, how do you get back into it?

It’s like all year I’ve been picking up momentum, steaming along at an increasing steady pace, then December pops up it’s head and I have to stop for a while and then start all over again!

Get all the cogs moving and the wheels turning again… It really is an exhausting task.

I don’t know if it’s an anxiety thing or a depression thing or just simply a me thing but honestly it takes me weeks to recover after Christmas and get back on track!

I thought a good starting point would be to write a list of the tasks I want to get done this month and a list for the things I want to get done in the year but I don’t think I should of… Both lists look as long as my arm!

The Longest List Ever

One step at a time though. I must (and you must) always remember that.

So I’ll tackle them one by one and try not to let it all get on top of me.

I can do this.

Goals for January:

  • Fill out DLA paperwork
  • Buy a Wedding organiser book and start planning
  • Sort out and work out the accounts
  • Start the next module of the writing course
  • Get blog up to date

Goals for 2015:

  • Save like mad
  • Actually book stuff for the wedding
  • See a financial advisor
  • Apply for jobs
  • Hopefully get interviews
  • Hopefully get a job
  • Maintain blog and publish every fortnight
  • Lose weight
  • Start writing my first book
  • Find closure and let go
  • Stop being so obsessive
  • Just generally be less crazy and mentally ill

There’s a lot more written in my crappy red A5 notepad but I’m sure you get the gist!


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