Sucking on Balloons

Not to sound like some screaming teenage girl but OMG I did it!

That really could be taken out of context couldn’t it… Hahaha opps!

Okay. Explanation.

I done it… The interview!

I survived! I didn’t throw up or shake to the point of looking like a cocaine addict and I didn’t pass out or choke on my own words like Slim Shady!


In my opinion… ACED IT! HA!

Sorry, I’ll calm down a little and think about this realistically…

Though it really is hard to hold back the giggles of joy and wonderment!

I mean… I DONE IT!!!!!!!It doesn’t matter if I get the job or not, I’m just so happy with what I have achieved today! This is one for the team, for the mentally mental team!

I went to a job interview, a diagnosed anxiety disordered, agoraphobic depressive sufferer and I went to a job interview! And it wasn’t the end of the world! Madness!

Part of me doesn’t even believe it, to the extent that I’m pretty convinced I was actually abducted by aliens last night and had a brain transplant.


It was like I was someone else.

I just took some deep breaths, swallowed hard and thought to myself, you know what it doesn’t matter how this turns out, it’s just an experience, I’m just going to talk to some people and have a meeting with them (I couldn’t say ‘interview’ as bile would rise in my throat).

And do you know what, I managed it pretty well.

I was asked some questions, and instead of panicking, I just repeated what they said in my head, thought about it and then answered honestly. It’s like I let the questions consume me instead of the panic… And it worked!

They gave me some great feedback at the end and said I had done really well, I even told them that I had an anxiety disorder and one of the interviewers scoffed and asked if I was joking!

It’s given me such a high! I literally feel like I’ve been sucking on helium balloons!



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