What A Whirlwind (Part 3)

Tuesday 5th May

The weekend gave me time to think. And all I could think was:

A) They gave me an interview out of pity. Also because they have to appear fair to all and seen as I’m classed as disabled they kind of had to. Fair equality and all that.

B) Even if they did offer me an interview for these reasons it meant moot. Either way I was grateful for the experience. I was proud of myself for going through with it. And it proved that I’m stronger then I think.

C) Plus I was pretty sure from my bad answers, terrible honesty and general chit chat that I wasn’t going to get the job so I could forget about it all.

So, you can imagine my shock when:

A) The manager called and said they wanted to give me feedback on my interview.

B) That the feedback was “you’ve done really well and passed the interview stage”.

C) That they then offered me the opportunity to come in for a work trial so I could “put my mind at ease before committing to a response to their job offer”.

Shocked is an understatement really.

See, I have no self esteem or confidence, so why on earth would they pick me… OUT OF SEVEN OTHER APPLICANTS!?

It made no sense.

In stunned disbelief I agreed to a work trial and arranged it for the next day (less time to over think it then).

Poop Over Diamonds

Wednesday 6th May

With ten gallons of rescue remedy, butterflies doing Olympic award winning somersaults and my mind on the automatic default setting of “the world is going to end”, I made my way to the supermarket.

I met the manager and was led straight down one of the aisles, where I was introduced to an employee and told to tag along.

So I did.

And I didn’t panic.
And I didn’t run.

We talked about the work and they showed me exactly what I would be doing.

Unbelievably, I was there for two hours – tagging along and learning.

I done it and most importantly I actually felt like I could do it.

Friday 8th May

Ring, ring. Ring, ring.


“Hi Charlotte, it’s Claire. How did you find the work trial?”

“It went really well thank you.”

“That’s brilliant! How was your anxiety? Do you think you would be able to do the work?”

“It was okay. I still felt extremely anxious but having the trolley to hold on to and the support of the other employees around me helped. I think I could do it. I mean, I’m really scared and nervous about it all but… You know… With time etc… It could work.”

“Well then, I would officially like to offer you the job! Congratulations!”

“Thank you! Yes!”

“Great! I’ve got some paperwork to sort out first so I’ll call you as soon as it comes through to confirm and then start the proceedings for your induction. In the mean time don’t take any other job offers, I want you to be a part of my team!”

“Oh. Wow. Okay. Thank you.”

Well. I wasn’t expecting that.



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