Overwhelmed by Homer Simpson

Okay I’m totally overwhelmed.

There’s something I’ve been holding back and that I haven’t shared with the world.

The reason I haven’t said anything is because it’s embarrassing.

So far, all I know is that it’s nothing serious but it’s now at the stage where it’s starting to affect my mental health…

I’m losing my hair.

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An Unsettled Ghost

How have I been?


I think that is the only word that can describe me lately.

I’m still reeling from not accepting that job.

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Employment, Anxiety, Karma & Bricks

Apparently I done even better in the interview then I expected… They offered me the job! BUT before you congratulate me on finally being an employed person you should know… I had to say no.

I couldn’t take it. I really did want to, like really, REALLY wanted to, but I just couldn’t.

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